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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

timely coincidences

Some days the universe speaks to you and other days it literally sings to you. Like feeling physically and mentally blown and hearing a favorite song twice-- both acoustic and standard versions-- on the radio on the way home. That happened to me last week, but I sure could have used that tonight.

Sidenote: I'm copping to the fact that I actually listen to the radio and no, I don't own an iPod (and yes, I'm tempted to frame it as more of a statement against the isolation inherent in using iPods and similar technology-- but closer to the truth, it's never been in my budget and I despise iTunes). But anyway. Forsake the radio completely and you forsake the random magic of hearing exactly the right thing at the right time without assembling and scanning a playlist.

And then sometimes, a friend finds the exact video you need to see at the exact right time.

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