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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl, you say?

Disclaimer: I really, really, really don't like "Here We Go." My mom was in the chorus for the very first version, but still? It's really kind of embarrassingly bad. Give me the Steelers Polka instead.

Even though I've had about 24 hours to process what happened last night, I still find myself unable to fully describe my emotional state with respect to football without copious amounts of profanity. Mostly of the "HOLY [explicative], WE'RE [explicative] GOING TO THE MOTHER [explicative] SUPER [explicative] BOWL! AGAIN! THIRD TIME IN SIX YEARS!" variety. I still can't quite believe it. Even after actually watching the game, epic texting and calls, copious amounts of FB posting, and taking forever to get to sleep because I was so wound up last night, it seemed like a dream. Even with confirmation from several news sources today, it's still just sinking in.

It's so tempting to go watch the Steelers and Packers play in Jerrah's new playhouse after all the preseason hype about the Cowboys playing a home Superbowl. Hah. Funny how that turned out. The cheapest tickets I can find are $2614 on Ticket Exchange or $2565 on StubHub (for what sounds suspiciously like SRO type "seats"). By the time flights, hotel, meals, and car rental (not even counting souvenirs!) are factored in we're talking about a cool five grand. Which, ouch. Even though I make a decent salary, that's still really steep (and an object lesson in why the Super Bowl really isn't for the regular fans who hang in there through thick and thin). I'll probably watch from the second-best locale-- back home, with all of the other Steelers fans. Sure, I could watch it here, but it's just not the same. Besides, they definitely won't have Primanti's-- and one should consume traditional local delicacies on such an occasion.

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