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Saturday, October 2, 2010

We can't stop here. This is bat country.

Hunter S. Thompson made my little whiteboard this week at work. The resultant conversations made me nostalgic for undergrad days.

I turned my heat on. It was either that or I learn how to function with two cats permanently attached to my lap. I daresay fall is definitely here.

At some point, I'll get around to looking over my pictures from the Banks and post them to Flickr. It was a depressingly awful trip-- sick, almost non-stop rain, speeding ticket of questionable fairness, and cutting my part even shorter so I could skedaddle before the briefly nameable tropical system made the drive back to Baltimore even more fun. No sailing. I didn't make it to see all of the lighthouses. My swimsuit went unworn. Pretty pathetic. At least NuJeep got to ride the ferry and go on the beach. Talk about putting it through its paces.

NuJeep made it!

I think the only drivers scarier than Maryland drivers are Virginia drivers. Seriously. I was on 64 between Hampton & Richmond in a driving rain, water ponding across the road, visibility down to 25 yards... and for about five miles, I had a tiny silver-grey car tailgating me. With no headlights on, for extra invisibility. Really freaking unnerving.

At any rate, let's focus on the positive. One week from today I'll be in NY, dragging my momma to MOMA to see Mats. Yay! I do so like New York, like any good East Coaster that doesn't actually live there. Not in the possessive kind of way that people who live in the New Jersey or Connecticut or Long Island exurbs do, but in the respectful, what an amazing city kind of way. Even though I'd still rather live in Pittsburgh over Manhattan. And now I'm only three hours away and a Megabus ride away. Speaking of which, I should probably finish going through my pictures from May...

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