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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Columbian adventures (where Columbian refers to, you know, Columbus day weekend)

Mission accomplished. Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913–1917 viewed before it closes tomorrow. Very good stuff, though it was insanely crowded even with timed tickets. I'm not going to say that I didn't consider shoulder checking a truly obnoxious woman that would push herself in front of everyone else at every single work or sign. Very poor museum manners. Of course, the people-watching in New York is unmatched and the people-watching at any art museum or gallery is always fun, so the two together? Perfect. Especially the over-the-top outfits some people wear to somehow demonstrate that they are Artistic and totally Get It more than you. One (caucasian) woman wore a jacket tailored like a man's kimono jacket, but with long open detached sleeves like on a woman's kimono. It was in the 70s, sunny and warm yesterday, but another woman wore a knee-length Cowichan-esque sweater. Very strange.

But, anyway, exhibit and MOMA visited. Street vendors haggled. Battery Park visited and Statue of Liberty viewed. Pearl River visited and unique lanterns acquired for my lair (and Pocky for my desk restocked). Cabs ridden. Dinner & mini cannoli consumed in Little Italy. Not bad for a little under 11 hours. Though I am seriously tired.

On the plus side, being a (as reputation has it) lazy ass Federal employee, I do have Monday off. I have chores to run, but I'm also embarking on my first real culinary adventure since moving: making fresh plum pierogies. While I'm fine with savory pierogies, and with lekvar, filling with fresh fruit's going to be an interesting challenge. But I have a little over two pounds of fresh prune plums in the fridge, so I'm committed at this point. So here we go..


Anonymous said...

Next time there's something you want to do in New York, and you want some company, let me know. Srsly. Megabus, what what?

Luck with the 'rogi! Report back!

The notorious LAV

Constant Gardener said...

Absolutely! It's a day trip for me, though an overnight trip for you.