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Sunday, October 24, 2010

core dump

In the past 36 hours, I've...

  • driven 500 miles
  • bought a drop dead gorgeous heritage variety pumpkin for cooking
  • been menaced by pygmy goats performing a dramatic interpretation of Dawn of the Dead
  • seen a civil war reenactor in full uniform fiddling with an iPhone
  • met a new family member
  • made a commitment to dye my hair red again (it's a strawberry kind of winter)
  • watched PBT's absolutely amazing interpretation of The Three Musketeers
  • had two cats and a dog sleep fall asleep on me while I watched TV
  • enjoyed the dulcet tones of Bill Hillgrove calling Pitt on Saturday and the Steelers today
  • looked like a suspicious person to the Somerset rest area patrons
  • been rudely reminded that I need to drive as though east coast drivers are trying to kill me, because they are
  • been attacked by two very irate felines

Now let's see how much shit I get from Ravens fans this week after they barely beat the Bills. I'm very disappointed in Buffalo. I mean, this week the Brownies apparently remembered that they're a professional football team whose primary function has been to spoil things for superior teams for the past few... well, for a while (sorry, hpo!). But nooo, Buffalo apparently looked in the mirror and remembered that they're still the Bills and they just suck. Oh well. At least we're still atop the division.

So. How was YOUR weekend?


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Aw, I mock your team with love.