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Thursday, October 21, 2010

They're coming to get you, Barbra

Another Thursday and I'm finally posting again. Part of the reason for light posting is because work (and life) were quiet-ish for a while and have, well, stopped being quiet now. More to be done, less time to write. Or, more precisely, to write for myself and not for work. Never underestimate the value of being at least semi-competent at writing, kiddos-- shockingly few professionals are. Another reason for light posting is that I'm still deciding what details I'm comfortable releasing into the wild of the internets. Discretion, valor, better part of, and all that make for a limiting blogging experience.

So, what can I talk about? Well, today was yet another Welcome To The World Of The Federal Employee kind of day, when I found myself incredibly irritated with tourons in DC. I had to go down for training at an agency that, like so many agencies, is fairly close to the mall and monuments. I may not live or work there-- and indeed, I am usually one of those visitors I'm demonizing-- but god DAMN people, some of us have to get TO WORK. So MOVE your ass and stop blocking sidewalks and stop stopping short to take pictures.

It was a new thought, an alien thought that found purchase as I go from one of them to one of another set of them. And the federal employee boots got broken in just a little more.

At any rate, I'm relaxing after an 11 hour workday (where my coworker sincerely offered a hug because it was just that frazzling) with CodependentKitty, a delicious beverage, and what's this? Night of the Living Dead on cable? Perfect. "Yeah, they're dead. They're... all messed up." If for nothing else, I love Halloween for all of the classic horror films. I really wish I had The Shining on hand-- the theme song was on the shuttle driver's playlist as he drove us into DC, giving me an absolute fit of giggles. Too bad my popcorn-making pot is dirty, else my night would be complete. I'll settle for finishing this post & making it look a little more seasonally appropriate around these parts.

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