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Monday, April 12, 2010

Others may not see things the way you do

Obvious horoscope is obvious. I don't know why I have mine on my Google home, but there it is-- providing wildly broad and inaccurate advice for entertainment value only. I guess I'm entertained enough to quote from it for post titles.

I have corrupted files that I need to recreate for work, but the sheer volume and frustration somehow diminishes my desire to even look at them anymore. One reader sent a lovely note that she likes my masters essaythesisthingummy-- but she hasn't read it read it, and I'm waiting to hear from the other with breath that would be bated if I could draw any because I'm too tense to breathe. There's the phone interview, and I'm still congested and coughy despite good old mucinex and wrapping up my z-pack last week. I have yet another followup for my eye this week, where I'd better hear that it looks completely healed. My final final is Thursday, and I have the work to wrap for that. It's weird-- my last class is done, my last final and homework will be done this week. Such a weird, stressful feeling. I'd better file my paperwork for COBRA coverage this week, though I don't know how I'm going to pay for it without a job. Or my rent. Cashing in my retirement account had to go back to the beginning, thanks to missing paperwork. Is it any wonder that I'm a ball of nerves? I forsee an antixylotic or a highball in my future, and it's still morning.

Sigh. Think about happy things. Lovely orchids living in the shower window. Two adorable cats that vie for attention. A pretty necklace that turned out fairly well (needs a few tweaks, but the basic concept is solid-- multistranded mixed green, blue, and silver beads, with wire wrapped sea glass and a silver ball charm pendants). Minor indulgences: my new piggybank to replace the cheap vase that used to hold my change and crazy looking shoes that really do seem to improve my posture and are oddly comfortable for walking distances even though I seem to walk slower. 90s nostalgia dominating the radio every time I get in jeepzilla. My brother calling me at 6:30 in the morning to tell me I was right (granted, it was that the Steelers would get rid of Santonio Holmes, but still).

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The people demand pictures of jewelry and cats!