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Monday, April 12, 2010

necklaces I've made (picspam)

This weekend's creation. Needs some slight tweaking, but I like how the strands came out.

necklace 1

That was a variation on this one, which I also like (and made a few months back)...

necklace 2

The next two are from last summer, but I never took pictures of them. Tiger eye and "jadite" (I have my doubts):

necklace 3

Coral and turquoise, brass beads salvaged from a "vintage" necklace (I like this one with a suit):

necklace 4


Anonymous said...

Good thing that you are 3 timezones away. I don't think that those first two would be safe near my grabby hands! Wow!

Oh, and if that is too subtle. I am going to try very hard to copy #1. I actually have a very similar amethyst for #2. Did you steal the design from The Office (Cafe Disco)? Phyllis wears the best jewelry. The office isn't exactly cosplay material, but you get inspiration where you will.


The Constant Gardener said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks! I don't watch The Office, but I'll have to check it out. Usually I just kind of play with things until I find something I really like (though the coral necklace was sort of inspired by a couture Elizabethan collar-style necklace made of branching coral-- obviously not practical, but coral and turquoise are a classic summer color combination).

For the second necklace, I had the seed beads floating around for forever and I was just playing with mixing them up when I thought they're look better with accent beads, and in a grouping. The faceted clear glass beads with copper splashes were leftover from another project, and the other accent-y beads were an impulse buy at Pat Catan's in search of a use.