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Thursday, April 15, 2010

can't sleep, graduation will eat me

Still alive. My final final is final, but there's so much other work to be done before I can actually graduate. Hopefully picking up regalia (no renting it this time-- I had to buy it?!) won't jinx me. My masters hood has salmon pink velvet lining, for public health. Icky. Medicine, pharmacy, therapy all get shades of green, so why can't we? Okay, nursing gets apricot, but still. LAME.

God, I'm so tired and I'm still all jumpy from this morning. I'm walking out my building's front door when I see that it's all roped off with caution tape, a cop in a flak suit is walking towards me, and a uniformed officer yells, "HEY BACKPACK! GET OUT OF THERE!" Apparently there was a suspicious package like right by my building and the bomb squad was called in. The street was closed off, and while I sincerely doubted that anyone would want to blow up my building or the shoe store, all of my earthly possessions (less those that were in my backpack) plus my brats were in my apartment. And I'm not fond of having my cats or things at risk. Or of being told to run away from my own front door. They took the package away, the block's been reopened, but still? Not the best way to start the day, not before a final.

To absolutely no one's surprise, very few of my graduating class have obtained employment just yet. In my case, it's because the feds redefine glacial at times. Many of the programs I've applied for are just beginning to evaluate applications. One doesn't even interview until June. I had did interview for one that I applied for more as a matter of course instead of a burning passion, but in prepping and actually interviewing, I found that I think it would actually be quite interesting work. So now I really want it. Hopefully I'll find out in a few weeks. It would be very nice to at least have something offered.

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