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Sunday, April 11, 2010

On a slightly more positive note...

My itty bitty citrus grove is practically exploding with new growth since going outside.  Grow lights just aren't the same (just ask my poor cactii).  I've got four citrus and relatives now: Murray the Murraya paniculata (first season back outside since being nearly split in two-- and the scale appears to FINALLY be under control thanks to a mix of judicious cold exposure and pyrethrin-based insecticide), my nameless Kinzu (dwarf orange), and unknown variety lemon and lime seedlings.  Thanks to the accident and loss of more than a third of its growth, Murray unintentionally started down the path to bonsai training.  Given that it was about five years old when I got it, what, almost four years ago now, I guess that I have to admit that it's a super slow grower that's an excellent candidate.  The Kinzu, thanks it its also painfully slow growth, will probably go that path as well.  Both of them need a trim and repotting, so I guess I'll wire and stake when I get around to that.

Maybe that will satisfy my need to get my hands in some dirt.. for now.  I was looking at beautiful perennials, ferns and trillium and other shade lovers and found myself considering a hostile takeover of my parents' front yard.


Hp0 said...

anytime you want to play in the dirt, come on over! my yard is dying for attention. :)

The Constant Gardener said...

If you're buying, I may be able to help a little. Some containers with some bright, cheerful annuals and foliage would add some low-commitment color interest, maybe some herbs and veggie containers in the back (in case you do wind up moving ASAP, there's no need to go all landscape architect). :)