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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the eyes don't have it.

In the ten minutes or so that my semi-clear vision will last, allow me to explain my absence and lack of comment on the actual passage of the health "reform" bill.

I can't fricking see.

I thought it was a lingering wonky feeling from seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3-D (thanks to my extreme near-sightedness), or seasonal allergies, but it turns out that I have some sort of something or other around my cornea (not ulcers, but abrasions? the doctors both just said that "it looks a little... punky") and it's infected. Cipro drops three times a day wasn't cutting it-- and the infection has started to spread to my other eye-- so I'm on a different antibiotic now being administered hourly. And I'm off to the eye clinic soon. In the meantime, I can't really see except for a little time following me literally rinsing my eyes out. My bad eye is painfully sensitive to light, not to mention really disgusting looking. My good eye is starting to go the same route. Of course, today is the career fair-- and with my job prospects being so poor, I NEED to go. Except... I look a fright and I can barely see to put on makeup or iron my pants properly. And of course, today is as bright as can be and my eye is so very gross that I need to get an eyepatch or something. Isn't that just a GREAT way to make an impression? It's Popeye with cataracts. Elle Driver's fatter, red-haired, and near-sighted sister. Hey, maybe they'll take pity and hire me as a handicap quota thing.

My vision is starting to cloud back up, so I'd better run.


Anonymous said...

Gah! No makeup! The last thing you need is to go blind. Also, maybe sunglasses? You could totally pull that off in SoCal. :-D

Feel better. See better. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

That is awful, I am so sorry you have to experience it.

I recently got glasses for the first time and I had a bad allergic reaction to the eye drops they used. I couldn't breathe without Benadryl every 4-5 hours for two weeks, and my body couldn't metabolise the drops normally, so my eyes just stayed paralysed for that same time period. It was very frustrating and somewhat worrying.

I wore sunglasses pretty much that entire time, and it did help with the pain from glare. I hope the antibiotics help and that you are seeing clearly again soon.