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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Orchid show loot!

The orchid show was fabulous as ever, but the nice weather meant that more people were out and about yesterday-- which meant that the vendors were fairly well picked over.

But not to be deterred, I found some lovely plants to take home (and replace the ones still dying their slow, miserable deaths after their abuse at the hands of the crappy "plumber" who dropped them, crammed two into the same pot (as it I wouldn't notice!) and left them on the radiator to dessicate.

den atroviolaceum
phal ama tris
phal timothy christopher

Now, the unfortunate incident happened back in December. I couldn't buy replacements because they're freaking delicate plants and nobody's shipping them in the dead of winter. But now I have, eh, adequate if not exact replacements. The new ones are significantly cheaper. Should I now send a bill for replacements along with my rent? Or is it too late?

In other news, waiting to see what happens with "reform" voting and good god, will I EVER get over this freaking cold thing? Still tired, congested, coughing, and fighting a throat that's raw as hell after a week. I put so much Tabasco in my scrambled eggs the other day in a vain attempt to taste ANYTHING that they turned a decidedly unnatural shade of orange.

1 comment:

ArtGirl said...

I am officially scared of those eggs.

the orchids, however, are lovely.