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Thursday, March 25, 2010

and the scales fell from her eyes

I can see again. Well, almost. It's definitely better. I wasn't improving with Cipro drops, so I got a more aggressive course of another antibiotic. Plus the eye is supposedly the quickest healing body part. I mean, I still can't drive, but at least I can make out print on paper again and not just on a monitor with the brightness and contrast cranked up. Tomorrow I go to the eye clinic, where hopefully they will tell me that I am not in imminent danger of going blind. Which would be good. These bursts of looking at my laptop are gradually becoming more tolerable, but the eyestrain from only using one eye is killer. And I'm tired of sticking out (more than usual), having to explain what happened, and grossing people out. Well, the latter doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others.

On the other hand, I've had a few interesting awkward moments where well-meaning individuals have said that I was gaining invaluable insight (no pun intended, I'm sure) into the life of the visually impaired. Actually, as my grandmother's legally blind from macular degeneration-- and my dad has it, too-- I'm already pretty aware of the challenges of visual impairment. Cue embarrassment. I'm sure they meant well, but it's kind of funny. They obviously don't know me well enough to know that kind of thing. I didn't add the fact that I'm painfully near-sighted and even with glasses and contacts I'm a little... off.

In other news, check out item #3. Hopefully Anthony's project will get a little more attention from the hometown crowd, and then he'll become some bigshot, and then I can say "I remember when he used to work for me..."

The scale bugs are still harassing my poor Murraya. I dosed him (IT) thoroughly with pyrethrin insecticide when placing my citrus outside this past weekend, but I'm taking a calculated risk by leaving Murray outside (while the rest came in) tonight while it gets very chilly rainy tonight. I'll dose Murray again tomorrow, and hopefully the scale bugs will be weakened enough to be finished off by the pyrethrins and Murray is strong enough to shake off the cold. I hope. Murray has become a bonsai by default at this point-- after the disastrous falling lamp incident two years ago, I bound the trunk and wired the branches to direct the new growth. So that makes orchids, citrus, succulents, and a bonsai in addition to a 7' tall umbrella tree and more standard houseplants. Good times.

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