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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Win some, lose some

Disappointment abounds lately in many aspects of life. It's even more frustrating that I can't visit the other garden this weekend to work out some of that furstration, and inspection of the few plants I have here on the fire escape yielded the unpleasant discovery of mint rust on the pennyroyal and powdery mildew on the catnip in the same container. Plus I found a dead grub in the pot-- both plants are supposed to repel insects! On top of the rosemary purchased from the same store (from the same supplier) having issues, I'm extremely disappointed. It can't be a soil/ cultural issue, because the spinach/ nasturtiums/ moonflowers planted in the same soil & kept in the same conditions are doing just fine. See?


baby spinach

My itty bitty lime tree looks like it's about to explode with new leaves (after losing every last one in the past few weeks...) and possibly... flowers?!


With an orchid damaged from a fall on top of the rust/ mildew issues, I'm glad to at least have that bit of good plant-related news. Oh, and that one of my oncidiums is budding again.

This in-between period is so strange. I'm not used to so much, well, leisure time. Leisure time without any money to actually do very much, that is, which makes me less attractive to other people because I can't afford to drop a ton of cash going out. I've read about 15 books in the past week, and I joined the JCC (veddy nice place, might I add) and I've picked up a few hours at my student job. I'm a nervous wreck worrying about my residency and grades (I totally got screwed out of an A in one class, and now I'm trying to think of the best way to argue my case when it was purely subjective crap that torpedoed me), and yet I'm feeling so unmotivated lately. It's quite strange. I'm used to non-stop mental stimulation (hence the near-constant reading), and this idleness gives me far too much time to think (and brood). Oh well. Just a week and a half to go, and then I'll be too busy to think.

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