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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Win something important, lose something important

The Newton-Murphy Laws dictate that nothing can happen in life without an equal and opposite reaction. I appear to have attained a GSR position for next year (yes, I will graduate in April instead of December as per the terms of the GSR and thus be in town at least four months longer), which is very YAY! But this morning I woke up to the realization that my supervisor probably sent back my time sheet for this month-- which means no pay-- and I dropped my phone and SOMEHOW managed to lose the battery in my STUDIO apartment. And then when trying to recreate the drop, I then lost the SIM CARD. And almost four hours of searching a room that's 250-odd square feet have yielded nothing but three broken nails.


Did I mention that I'm waiting on a very important phone call? Great. Given my luck, my parents probably should have given me Jude, Anthony, or both as patron saints instead of John the Baptist.

(Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Stop panicking. Listen to the Tchaikovsky that the classic station so thoughtfully decided to play. Sure, it's the Romeo & Juliet suite, but it's beter than nothing.)

Let's look at some pictures. They're crappy because it was getting dark and pouring rain, but ten days has made a HUGE difference.

Look at how nicely the thyme and sage are establishing themselves:


The bushbeans are sprouting, the garlic is going wild. I know that beans and garlic aren't friendly, so I'll probably plop an oregano between the two.

side plot

I gave the established strawberries a little manure top-dressing in March, and now they're the strawberries that ate Pittsburgh. I... wow. I know that manue was supposed to be a good fertilizer, but this is crazy. I will never doubt again. Composted cow dip FTW.

The Strawberries That Ate Export

The strawberries are trying to colonize the rest of the garden. The onions are growing well, the parsley is extremely happy, and there are tiny carrots starting to sprout amidst the onions.

a savory plot!

The sweetpeas will need a trellis soon, and the borage is sprouting

Borage and sweetpeas

I know it's hard to tell what's going on here, but there's radishes interplanted with lettuce and spinach, basils and rosemary, the lemon balm that won't die (it's been dug up, sprayed with roundup, buried under rocks, and still it comes out).

radish and greens

I pulled a radish to check their growth. It's adorable.

first fruits

So the garden appears to be goig well so far. In about two weeks, the plants from Tasteful Garden should arrive and we'll be pretty much done with the planting stage. In other news, oncidium Carnival Costume is blooming.


Now if only I could find my phones battery and sim card.

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