A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. -Oscar Wilde

Sunday, May 22, 2011

stll here. ish.

Long time, no blog. What can I say? I've been trying to reclaim something that resembles a life (between spending most weekends on the road), but my efforts all ring false and hollow. My poor cats are none too thrilled that I spend relatively little time at home, and what time I do spend here is spent actively engaged in some distraction or sobbing in a fetal position. I exaggerate for dramatic effect, but sadly not by too much.

I seem to be experiencing a second round of major grief. I'm not really sure why-- it's true that my brother's profile is now "In Memoriam" on the Blood Bank's website, which caused a nontrivial amount of sobbing. But the second wave, as it were, started prior to that. Which hasn't helped when I do something like drive past the Bowie Baysox's home field, because then I remember driving in a huge circle the first time I drove past just so I could check out the stadium and get a picture of the sign to send to my brother-- and how I planned to take him to see our Curve play down here this summer (the Baysox are at the Curve this coming week, coincidentally). Got to love those suckerpunches.

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