A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. -Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

masochist, or just plain nuts?

I'm starting to look at doctoral programs. Clearly academic amnesia has set in. Plus... it's going to cost me. I'd rather work and attend school part time (we'll pretend it's an all consuming hobby), and because the two programs I'm interested happen to be at private schools, it's going to cost a lot. A lot- a lot. As in, I can either pursue a doctorate or buy a house before I'm 40. Definitely not both. Unless I meet a sugar daddy or something. But let's face facts, shall we? I'm not exactly the extremely hot and extremely manipulated type that sugar daddy types wold go for, so I have to plan for a solo adventure.

Which is kind of scary. I mean, I really want a place purely of my own. I'm tired of literally living on top of neighbors and I want a yard for gardening and frankly, I'd like to feel a little more like a grown up. At the same time? Being able to call myself doctor would be preeeeettty nifty-- on top of a complete anomaly for someone from my hometown (NO, not Pittsburgh, but the little Mon Valley burg from whence I really came). So. What do I want more? A mortgage or more student loan payments? A garage or a funky set of regalia?

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