A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. -Oscar Wilde

Monday, April 25, 2011

gimme some rope, I'm coming loose..

I've been listening to Wasting Light on repeat. I do love me some Foos. Wasting Light may not be a life-altering album, but it's solid and pretty much what I'd hoped for and not entirely unlike aural comfort food (even though it really makes me want to learn how to play guitar). The Letterman webcast? Pretty fricking amazing. Thank you guys for your most excellent timing with this release.

So. Easter kind of sucked. Which I guess was to be expected, but still. Bad. Very bad. I mean, once upon a time I couldn't wait until I could host holidays and try new things. But the circumstances that brought about my first hosted holiday? Kind of put a damper on that. To say the least. Plus I hardly got any sleep. And then we've secretly replaced our Pittsburgh Penguins with Folger's instant crystals, which really sucks given that I'm surrounded by Caps fans. So. Not the greatest weekend in the history of me. Let's see, what's positive right now? Hm. My super sketchy neighbors will be gone as of Saturday? And then I can feel reasonably confident coming and going after dark again? I guess that's something, as long as they don't trash the common areas any more than they already have or try to burn the building down on their way out. Oh, Baltimore. Your utter lack of buffer between acceptable risk and dangerously sketchy is oh so charming.

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