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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I do not like this GPS, Sam-I-Am. I like it less than green eggs and ham.

My family gave me a TomTom Go for my birthday, and I have to confess. I fricking hate it. HATE. IT.

I appreciate my family's obvious concern that I find my way around. And their concern for my safety, and their observation of my birthday. But I want my old crappy GPS back. This thing? It's new, and yet it recognizes fewer places than my old GPS. This doesn't recognize shopping centers or major stores like Ikea that have been in place for about A DECADE. Or highways that have been in place for two YEARS now.

If I search for an address on Google or Bing, I can enter the number, street name, and zip code. Boom. The supposedly superior TomTom mapping software? Oh, no. You have to enter the FULL address, including "US." Because yes, apparently they think you're somehow magically going to DRIVE to an ISLAND in the south fricking PACIFIC even though you have a ZIP CODE.

But most offensive? It's CONSTANTLY trying to sell me shit. I won't buy an iPhone because I don't want to be constantly subjected to marketing every time I use it. Ohh, you need this app, you need this song, blah blah blah. It's the same thing with TomTom. Updates start at $40 a year. You can get all manner of mildly amusing voices starting at $15 a pop (personally, any amusement would evaporate the third time mine told me to go the wrong way down a one-way street or turn where no turns are permitted-- which happens every time I drive down one near my apartment). I get that they're trying to salvage what they can as GPS devices become obsolete in the face of smartphones, but really? How about you just make the damn thing work correctly in the first place?


Anonymous said...

Can you return it? Seriously?

Also, I am confused about what you think my iphone is selling me. I only see ads when I get those free apps. No big deal.

Constant Gardener said...

Nope. I've had it since August. It's usually okay-- but when it's wrong, it's very, very wrong and so very, very annoying if not very, very risky.

It seems to me (as non-smartphone user) that users are pushed to get more and more apps while struggling to use their phone for just plain calling other people because of balky networks. Then again, I also uninstalled iTunes because I felt like I couldn't escape the iTunes store. Sure, you don't *have* to buy music, but you couldn't not have the iTunes store interface when all I wanted to do was listen to the music I already have.