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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rock you like a...

Pittsburgh's generally spared overly dramatic weather (which is partly why it's so livable, damnit!), so this whole hurricane-coming-real-close thing is totally novel. It looks like Earlie is shying more to the east, which is good for us. I'm excited and a little nervous about sailing, period, and the potential complication of outer band winds and such (as diminished as they'd be coming in the bay) is a little scary. So I'm relieved.

The other part of the holiday weekend is going to focus on getting the last bits of my apartment settled once and for all. I'm reluctant to completely toss all of the collaped empty boxes I've stashed in my closets-- the spectre of moving again in a year is undeniable-- but I really need to find permanent places for certain things already. Plus, I want to finally unpack my sewing machine and finish up my quilt top. I've made some jewelry since I moved, but my latest work is hampered by missing tools. That is to say, I think that FatCat absconded with my rounded nose pliers. Most irksome.

It's weird to be able to watch the Pitt game (if I were so inclined to put my distaste for collegiate sports aside), but not the Steelers. Luckily DVE streamed the game audio, but I might be shelling out for FieldPass after a two year hiatus. Unless I feel like exploring the local Steelers bars... which is a possibility, I suppose, but I'm leery of outdated listings. Particularly in enemy territory (as it were).

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