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Monday, June 14, 2010

moving living things

Packing all the Penguins gear from H and feeling a little blue. But that's what cuddly cats with squashy bellies are for. And my lord, Pete is a huge cat. I bought a new carrier/ "travel kennel" that's of a size recommended for dachshunds, but I'm still a little worried whether it'll be big enough for the trip when I see Pete next to it.

In other moving news, I'm not going to have a bathroom-- let alone shower-- window in my new place, so I've been scouting for solutions. While a Victorian-style Wardian case would be ever so fabulous, it just isn't in in the budget. Not at $150+ for one tall enough to accommodate my Aliceara (which, incidentally, has three new pseudobulbs popping out). Woe! But-- aha! My parents may still have aquariums from when my dad kept fish. And they do. Which means that I've just taken another step from being a casual hobbyist toward being a real hobbyist, as I find myself looking at orchidarium setups for ideas. Lights, fans, humidity monitors, misting systems, interior shelving...

I still don't know what the best way to move my plants will be. My avocado sprout is now featuring several little leaves. It's so cute.. and so delicate.

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Kittengirly said...

Ok, that's NOT why I got you Pens stuff! >:-|