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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


is a lime popsicle and Doctor Who.

Nothing went to plan today, so I bought a hat. It is a straw cloche, and it is cute. I'm not sure if the combination of cute straw cloche and myself is also cute, but the overwhelming cuteness of the hat was the deciding factor. It is also designed by the daughter of a doctor my mom works for, and it's really kind of cool to be three degrees removed from someone who HAS A FREAKING DESIGNER LINE AT TARGET. I also bought a table cloth and runner and napkins on clearance that will go well with my Fiesta collection. Speaking of which, Target is pushing its mock Fiesta. That actually irritates me. Target, I serve on Fiestaware, I know Fiestaware, Fiestaware is a collection of mine. Target, you are no Fiestaware.

My hair is absolutely the longest it has been in 8 years. That's a weird feeling, having my hair literally take hours to air dry again because it's pretty much back to full thickness. As in, fine but hyperdense with literally all of the body/ texture/ tangles of cornsilk. Not in a good way-- you know how miserable it is to remove cornsilk because it's so clingy and gets everywhere? That's my hair. Try creating any kind of "style" with that mess. It's also a somewhat darker brown than I would like. But trying to dye to my shade of blond-- no matter how dark-- probably would have resulted in a frightening reaction with the residual red dye. I really don't need Ronald McDonald red right now. I tried to remember how to do a fishtail braid. It's amazing how your muscle memory fades over time. Of course, it probably doesn't help that I'm still growing out crazy amounts of layers.


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