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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mole day (alternate; unobserved)

It's been exactly one month since graduation, and exactly one month until I take possession of my new place. Still feeling a bit unreal-- though that could be the drugs talking. My family shares a little too much sometimes. This time it's a narsty chest cold. There's little more irritating than a cold in the summer time, especially when you have pre-existing feelings of unreality exaggerated by decongestant.

I'm kind of over this sudden sprint into August weather. I despise the hot and humid, and it's been pretty much all hot, all humid all the time for the past month. On the plus side, we're starting to get majestic thunderstorms. Yay!

Speaking of happy, I've got a bloom.

harlequin keiki

And the dendrobium keiki continues to develop.

dendrobium keiki

Did I mention that I got an avocado pit to sprout? I didn't have activated charcoal for an aquarium, so it's horticultural charcoal keeping the water a little fresher.

plus one

My shower window really is a happy place for the plants. I'm going to have a hard time replicating these conditions.

orchids plus one

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