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Sunday, May 30, 2010

T-minus 30 days

Exactly one month left in Pittsburgh.

I am no longer homeless in Baltimore. I found a nice quiet place with two bedrooms, a large! balcony, a smaller but nice pool, and is cat-friendly. The residents I met have lived there for ages (literally over a decade). And if it turns out to be less nice than it seemed for the 90+ minutes we were there, it's just for a year. The area itself is, well, going to be an adjustment as a whole.

I'm alternating between excited and up for adventure, nervous enough to make myself sick, absolutely NOT wanting to pack and carry my stuff downstairs, and deeply saddened by knowing that I'm leaving definitely for two years, probably for good. There's that twinge of guilt when talking to some people who are genuinely sad to see me go, and that twinge of hurt at non-responses to my invitations to do something before I leave. It's a roller coaster of fun.

But onwards and upwards. Or further up and further in. Something. It's amazing to me how something as simple as a long shower can make you feel better. And it's amazing to me how my one horrifically damaged orchid clings to life, growing a keiki and three tiny new canes. My harlequin phal also has a keiki, plus one bud. My Den atroviolaceum is still in bloom-- two months and counting. I will no longer have a window in my bathroom in my new place-- my orchids are going to require some planning. I need a moderately large table top terrarium, but trying to find one that's tall enough to accommodate my Aliceara and does not come already filled with plants is tricky. Amazon, you have failed me.

Speaking of collections, I need to photograph my Fiesta collection as I pack it up. I do have a decent sized collection now, though I can't positively identify one bowl. I mean, I know it's Fiesta-- it came from the factory store-- but what it is...hmmm.

I wonder if my postcard collection is going to turn up?

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