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Monday, May 24, 2010

quick hits

  • Watched Torchwood today while packing because BBC America had a mini-marathon. Excellent timing, and Captain Jack Hotness indeed.
  • Academic amnesia: when you forget how miserable you were the last semester of school and find yourself idly perusing doctoral programs. Specifically doctoral programs in the city to which you are relocating. And wondering how your GRE scores would compare. I blame packing regalia.
  • Carrying boxes of books down three stories and around a corner is no way to move. Unfortunately, the summer seems to have brought even MORE cars to my neighborhood despite the universities all being in summer session. A giant WTF to that.
  • My apartment already looks less like my apartment, even with so little stuff out
  • I was winnowing down apartments to actually examine this morning based on reviews and came across one review where a resident complained about crime and a recent homicide. That was a heaping helping of WTFery, but the complex's astroturfing just made it worse-- that the residents were whiny and TWO homicides in the past three years in that complex wasn't so bad because there's no place without crime. Yeah, strike that one off the list, and frankly I'm not so sure about the other one that's down the road.

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