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Monday, April 19, 2010


Had one interview today, got another one tomorrow. It's great fun. No, really, I'm relieved that I'm at least getting interviews now. Let's see if we can make it to the offer stage next.

To calm my nerves and try to satiate my desire to PLANT something, I tended to my wee citrus grove. It is quite wee.


My poor Murraya looks pathetic compared to its former glory. It used to look like this.

My murray

Then it was crushed by a falling plant light, and lost over a third of its crown (one of the branches bound in this picture)

Hanging in there

And then there were the scale insects that would. not. die. Seriously, we're talking over a year of the little bastards eating any and all new growth on top of munching on the older growth. So Murray is a little... thin. But I think I finally have the scale controlled, and there's a ton of new growth poppinng out after some time in the sun. And lookee at this-- flowers!

murray back in bloom

For the first time in months! I choose to take it as a good omen. I pruned and loosely wired Murray and my dwarf (kinzu) orange trees to start training them as bonsai. They look a bit messy, but they're for very short-term training. We'll see how it goes.

Oh well. I need to get back to work, so on that note I leave you with a picture of Mr. Popularity.

Petey Pete

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Hp0 said...

Am sending good thoughts regarding the interviews.

PETEY! Yay Petey!