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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday, and the living's easy

I believe that there is a sun in the sky once more and I am forcing myself to not dwell on things beyond my control. In honor of the reappearance of the sky fire ball, I was up at the crack of dawn (or more precisely, my approximation of the crack of dawn which involves neither cracking nor dawn) and down the strip to pick up staples.

I haven't been down in a while thanks to the weather and the jeep's bad behavior, so I almost forgot that there's little like a visit down the strip on a day when everyone is in a generally good mood to cultivate affection for this city. Even the pretentious woman who wanted everyone behind her to know she needed the perfect cheese for her "cab tasting" was bearable (though mostly because the cheese runners are awesome). The people stopping to stare at these amazing things we call honeydews were also moderately annoying instead of inspiring fantasies of smashing their heads into the melons (it's not that I'm a violent person, I just can't tolerate acting like a idiot over common produce). The gentleman at the counter at Reyna? He remembers me from buying salsa and guac for my family every time I'm down and making fun of Ohioans with him (no offense to Ohioans-- they just need their own day to go down and to stop getting their panties in a bunch over the prevalence of Pittsburgh Steelers merchandise in Pittsburgh). I had an amazing lemon-polenta-almond bar for breakfast, got everything I needed plus a few things for la famille, spent some time contemplating a pasta roller and other fine kitchen gadgets that I can't live without (but must), got Primanti's to go for lunch, and was gone by 11. And I even managed to get a parking space within two blocks of my apartment.

Now some cleaning, some feline attention, some writing, some sewing, and then some Alice in Wonderland.


Hp0 said...

I will forgive the Ohioans crack only bcs my family does it every time they come down here. *sigh* Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a native Ohioan. . . Mostly during football season! :P

The Constant Gardener said...

Aw, I included the Ohioan crack specifically for you!

I could have included the observation that Ohioans are afraid of hills and non-flaming rivers, which is why driving in Pittsburgh is so rough on them. ;p