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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpocalypse, Pt. 2: Repent, for the kingdom of snow is at hand

There's still no reason to panic, but doesn't this put those days of an inch or two or three into perspective?

out my front door

down forbes

up forbes

We've got emergency declarations at the local, county, and state levels, but there are still plenty of special snowflakes that insist that they have to drive despite not being essential personnel, having the skills, or the proper vehicle to do so. Only a single bus is running a partial route on the busway, the rest are shut down. 150,000 without power, including water treatment plants (meaning low/ no water in many parts) and Jefferson Hospital has apparently essentially shut down because both power sources failed and they're on generator power.

It's really like the Blizzard of '93 all over again. All I need is to hear that Dad has to go up and make sure that the chains are on the fire truck, then go out & close Dravosburg hill before some idiot kills themselves. Well, you know, except for the part where my dad effectively retired from volunteer firefighting when my family moved away from there in 1997. And my parents are down in Florida and mocking us. And I'm 17 years older. But, otherwise, totally like it.

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