A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. -Oscar Wilde

Thursday, February 4, 2010

quick hitting (now with pretty picture bonus!)

1. There should be graduation registries. I mean, I'm moving, I've got massive loans, I'm starting a new life, the whole bit with exhausted savings.

2. The SNOWPACALYPSE hype has begun before the temperature has dropped to freezing. Ridiculous.

3. Denis Leary reminds me that, yet again, I'm more of a "guy" than most "guys" are. It sadly reminds me of this summer, when I was talking to a guy who claimed he was a HUGE football fan, HUGE Steelers fan, ran a fantasy league, the whole bit. I thought, cool! So I immediately asked him whether he thought that the Steelers were regretting letting Alan Faneca go. Middling, disappointing response. I asked what he thought about the O-line issues. Middling response that showed a cursory look at headlines at best. Aha. A liar. Going for the throat, I asked if he thought that the Steelers would ever play a 3-4 defense (for the non-fans, this is a trick question-- the Steelers have used a 3-4 defense for ages). He finally confessed that maybe he had exaggerated his football interest. And then he handed me his testicles. Metaphorically speaking. By which I mean that he obviously felt rather emasculated. Lame.

4. Orchids are good for the soul.

altered epidendrum

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