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Saturday, January 9, 2010

For sale

Two spoiled rotten but ridiculously adorable cats. Not shy about voicing demands for fresher food, treats, catnip, toys, or your attention-- will cry non-stop until you comply. Will destroy dresser drawers by insisting that the drawer can support their weight plus the additional force from jumping. Convinced that the bathroom trash can contains mysterious secrets despite its apparent emptiness. Will chase laser pointer in circles or play fetch with pompoms and fuzzy mice, yet highly selective about toys. Definition of toys includes earrings, screws, cell phone components, digital camera components, USB drives with the only copy of a file you need, measuring spoons, and contact lens cases; definitions do not include the $10 Christmas stocking full of what humans consider toys. Will chew on the professor's materials you were loaned to read and make the USB drive with your essential files for that professor disappear.

Felines on my pillow


Hp0 said...

I'll give you 50 cents for both of 'em! ;)

The Constant Gardener said...

No discounts for Pete's bald spot or Zizi's evil mind! ;-)