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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

living and/ or dying

First, let's look at the carnage a few weeks out.

phal damage

The phal on the left has sustained root damage and has already lost three leaves. The remaining leaves are turning yellow, which, yeah, not a good sign. The phal on the right is doing slightly better, though the pleating on the leaves is troubling.

dendrobium destruction

This dendrobium had put out a ton of growth in the past year, so it's really painful to see it in shreds. Some of the canes may survive, if they can grow out new roots to replace the dying/ dead damaged roots, but it will probably be a while before I see another bloom if it does make it.

Our culprit? Peter, Peter, orchid eater.

Peter, Peter, Orchid eater

Le sigh. No, really, it's depressing to see this happen right when I thought I was really getting this orchid growing thing. I do have two new additions to the family-- phals both, but you have to start somewhere.

new acquisition number two

I don't know if this phal is a miniature or not-- time will tell.

new acquisition number one

This one is a respectable-sized phal-- a real departure from my preference for miniature orchids. But I thought the color was striking. Neither plant is exactly "special", but it's another 8 months until the orchid show.

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