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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

business is blooming

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Lack of regular internet access makes updating a little tough, to say the least!

The garden is almost a victim of its own success-- and the cool, wettish summer we've had so far. The radishes and strawberries are done, the lettuce is going, and we had beans with dinner on Sunday. I had to pull a few onions, so we'll see how well they go.

It appears that the eggplant is waiting for sustained hot weather before it goes nuts like the rest of the garden. Likewise, the zucchini are full of blossoms-- blossoms that are apparently dropped because it's too cool, especially at night. I would have definitely sown more lettuce had I anticipated this kind of weather!

In other plant news, I have finally added another citrus to my plant collection. Alas, it's not a dwarf improved meyer lemon (which i have wanted for three years now), but a dwarf orange variety called kinzu, about which information is scarce. Like my murraya Murray, it will be a bonsai. My oncidium Carnival Costume is in spike, and my NOID dendrobium appears to be heading that way as well. Keeping orchids in the shower FTW.

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