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Monday, May 18, 2009

Grr, frost

Today is technically the last frost date. Of course, we went from 80 on Friday to a freeze last night and frost tonight. Lovely. Here's how things looked on Sunday:

The rightmost side, with radish bonanza

Right side

The left side, with the strawberries that ate Export

Left side

I'm starting to think that the cow manure I put on the strawberries came from cows on Three Mile Island. The strawberries are huge, spreading at a frightening pace, and scaring me a little. I'm afraid the plant will be sentient soon.


The beans have shot up, and zucchini are in.

side plot

Of course, the cats are interesting in all the activity. Oh, did I mention the catnip?


As the elder statesman, Tiger prefers to just sun himself and watch.

sunny Tiger

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