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Monday, April 6, 2009

I love springtime in Pittsburgh

The streak of nice, warm weather drew out hibernating plants and animals alike, and treated us to sights like bold, graphic daffodils.

a bright spot

But it's supposed to get cold and rainy (indeed, the temperature has been dropping since I woke up this morning) and even... snowy. To the indoor garden!

Sit and drink pennyroyal tea

Yesterday, I obtained rosemary, pennyroyal. and catnip plants. Since they (obviously) can't be planted outside just yet, and the mints need to be contained and the rosemary can be overwintered indoors anyway, I planted all of them in pots that can be buried in the garden (catnip and pennyroyal in one, rosemary in another). I also found borage seeds (!!) and selected snap bean and sunflower seeds. The brats have gone absolutely nuts about the catnip plant, tearing the bag I carried it in to shreds. My DamnCat in particular wolfed down the few leaves I gave her.

invisible spinach!

Oh, and I sowed some spinach seed in a windowbox, but now I have to keep it indoors until this funny snow business clears up. Invisible spinach!

In non-stasis news, my mystery orchid that lives in my shower dropped its original flowers but is setting buds now.

in bud

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