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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April fool, belated

Spring has... sprung? We awoke to about an inch of snow today, though given how warm it's been it may have been as many as three inches.

spring has... sprung?

frosty blossoms

I'm glad that I resisted the urge to plant more, no matter how appealing those plants may be right now. The brats have reverted to hibernating again, curling up with me or by the radiators. Only a little over a year and a half since EmoCat came into our lives, and both DamnCat and EmoCat/ FatCat can finally tolerate both being on the bed-- usually with me-- together for a short while. Truly I am touched. I myself rather feel like hibernating, thanks to absolutely miserable allergies and sinuses. Describing how I feel would sound like the back of an OTC box. The timing is particularly poor given how much I need to do for school and Easter. Speaking of which, I'd best cut this short and get back to paper-writing.

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