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Sunday, February 27, 2011

tasting spring

I engaged in a bit of activism followed by a trip to the Botanic Gardens, which I haven't visited for a while. True, it's not Phipps, but it's nice. Lots of plants I'd love to take home with me. Lots of reminders that spring is coming-- time to start planning the balcony garden.

And once again, I'm reminded that I'm in dire need of a new camera. Mine is a six year old point and shoot that's been through hell and back. And while it's a trooper, it's old. And worn out. And not exactly the kind of camera you'd use trying to pursue a hobby. Not that I think I'm a brilliant photographer by any means, but sometimes I take pictures that I find pleasing.

To nowhere


red on green

hello, dahlia

And I'd like to take more. Of course, I need a bigger hard drive and/ or a new computer because I'm pressed for space as it is. And I have competing budget priorities-- I'm going to need new tires very soon, plus I'm noticing the solenoid issue that most vehicles like mine seem to get around a certain mileage, plus I appear to have a coolant leak, plus I need a new phone, plus the student loans, plus I need a new couch... so, anyway, priority-wise, getting a new camera any time soon is a stretch. Plus, well, there's nothing in place keeping the government funded beyond next Friday, so we'll see if I even get paid at all. Not being homeless: definitely a higher priority.

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