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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

emotional hangover

Thank god the Steelers won. The past week was horrible with the level of trash talking, verging on abuse at times. Jeepers spat on, someone picked at my little Steelers helmet sticker, accosted in a parking lot while wearing the black & gold hat a dear friend made me... bleh. Tiresome. I honestly didn't believe that we won at first. I mean, I was watching the last drive and just saw it playing out exactly the same way it did in October, and I didn't believe the Raven didn't convert. Wow. Funny enough, it's been quiet at work-- few Ravens fans want to acknowledge that there was a game Sunday. Figures. It's okay, though. I can be the gracious winner. And gloating too early is bad luck. I have to admit, I lol'd at Ben's broken nose. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Speaking of nice guys, WTF Wannstache? Talk about a bummer, and I don't even like collegiate sports.

In other news, the Baltimoreans I've encountered tend to have very limited palates. I've already met two natives for whom falafel was a revelation. How do you go through life as a somewhat wordly person without trying falafel? I'm most perplexed. I assumed that as a Pittsburgher, I'd be more of a Midwestern-meets-Appalachian naif on the oh-so-cosmopolitan east coast. And yet certain things I've taken as normal, like really good family Italian restaurants in practically every neighborhood, are like novelties here. So weird.

Speaking of cooking, I think it's time to move this week's experiment off the sheets and onto racks. Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate cookies for work this week. It's nice to have a receptive audience, because now that I don't have family within spitting distance? I'd hardly ever do any real cooking. I mean, it's really just me now-- and I can only have leftovers so many times.

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