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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last bits

It's funny how the most mundane activities can trigger strong reactions. Yesterday, I changed the bag in my sweeper-- and it occurred to me that this bag was in my sweeper when I did the final cleaning of my old apartment. The dust and pollen and miscellaneous floor dirt were Pittsburgh in origin. The cat fur in the bottom was shed in Pittsburgh. This new bag will be filled with dust and pollen and miscellaneous floor dirt and cat fur that are all Baltimorean in origin. It's a weird milestone. And this weekend, I saw my first movie in Baltimore (I deserved a break after having my weekend plans ruined, though "break" is a bit of a stretch when Deathly Hallows had me in tears practically every ten minutes). Funny how time flies.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mark my Peteversary. So it's my third Peteversary plus one month-- and I happen to have taken this picture one month after taking him in to foster, so it all works out. Look at how bald and skinny he was-- and that was after a month of healing, fur regrowth, and fattening (Z also put on a few pounds from all the extra treats, funny enough). God, it still makes me so angry when I think about what kind of owner could neglect him that much.

one month later, slightly less bald and slightly less skinny

In other news, (yeast-risen) oatmeal bread with molasses is a success. I added a bit of cardamom, which added a subtle something or other that complimented the molasses. Alas, as usual? This wan an unplanned experiment and I didn't take notes. Impulsive breadmaking, then I was inspired to quickly zap oats and water to make oatmeal to add in, then saw the remaining third cup of molasses and thought it would be a good changeup from the honey I usually put in oat bread... you know how it goes. We'll see if I can recreate it some time.

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Heidi P. said...

What an itty bitty Petey! My gosh, he looks like a totally different cat! I'm so happy he was a "failed" foster. ;)