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Sunday, November 7, 2010

seasons change

I hear there's been snow back home, but it's still too warm for that here, away down south. Though I know daylight savings ending is going to mess with me. Once upon a time that meant I showed up for work an hour early. But now that I work a normal schedule, it means that instead of going to work in the dark and watching the sun rise over the parking lot I'll go in when it's light and watch the sun set over the parking lot before going home in the dark. Until the days grow short enough that I both go to and come from work in the dark. Which we were coming to anyway.

I'm tired and want to hibernate-- gods know I did this morning, which made the brats all the happier. The desire to nest is strong, but so is the desire to migrate. I'm compromising and doing neither. Instead I'm sitting here with dye developing in my hair. I've been a blond for about three and a half months now (which is weird to say when you're naturally dark blond), and... I really, really, really missed having red hair. Really. Really bad. Let's take a brisk trot down memory lane, shall we?

Here I am when I first flirted with going to a more "natural" color for the sake of looking more professional-- and for lower maintenance hair. The result was a dark auburny-chestnut rather than brown.
new hair
Then I said screw this, I'm having fun. The end result was what would happen if a comic book character (I'm thinking Dark Phoenix with a bob) came to life.
my new hair
Then last winter, I went really dark. A really dark warm brown over that much residual red? Meant I was almost back to burgundy in some lights. Of course, I had a dramatically chopped and cropped cut.
Then I started lightening up...
how bad?
...and growing out...
And, well, you can see how light I am now in the Medusa pic. And I'm bored. After months of migrating to something resembling my natural color, I'm chucking it all away and going back to red. Well, "reddish blond." If I thought I stood out as a blonde at least 6" taller than the average person at work, I can't wait to see how much I stand out as a redhead (hint: blondes are scarce, but there's hardly any redheads at all where I work-- freakish, given the size of the agency). But I've missed the red, it looks good on me, and I think it helps me focus my inner bitch. The last is definitely something I've been missing.

Plus, the Steelers do better when I'm redder. Trufax. Why yes, I believe it is that stage of the season where every little superstition is coming into play. Did I give it away by making sure my Steelers socks are in the wash today (with the right brand of detergent and softener)?

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