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Saturday, July 10, 2010

settling in

I'm slowly adjusting. It's raining for the first time in just about two weeks (yes, I've only been here for one), I've rearranged my furniture daily, and it's mostly stupid odds and ends to arrange once I have the furniture arranged. I went from a tiny apartment to two bedrooms, an apartment in a small building on a main street to a complex, fighting for parking (er, and tickets) to abundant free parking, gas went down a dime a gallon on average, you name it. It's strange. I obviously can't speak too much about my agency or job or anything, but it's going. There were four work days this week, two and a half of which were orientation. I finally got my badge and parking pass, which means no more car searches or standing around the front door with other new employees waiting for someone to come get me. It's not unlike waiting for mom or dad to pick you up after school. The complex is huge, and even bigger if you get in after 7:30 and have to walk a fair piece-- and I mean just in the parking lot. The work I'll be doing has been characterized as protecting the public's money. The cats are coming around, though DamnCat is clearly still spooked. Poor baby. At least there are lots of windows to look out and down upon their new world. Birds and bugs and people passing by to monitor. Extra pettings and treats from the human probably help.

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