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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My last week

I returned my last library items and counted out my piggy bank's contents ($40.93 in spare change-- not bad considering that I constantly raided it for quarters for meters, the laundromat, the pop machine at school). Phone and DSL are a go at the new apartment (no tv service just yet-- it's a long story involving an hour on chat with a rep and ineligibility for Comcast phone service and being forced to pay $50+ more a month for tv and internet access than I would for the same exact services plus the phone I can't have hooked up).

Still so much packing to do. I feel like I've packed s o m u c h, but there's always more. I need to do a serious weeding of my closet's contents. And donate all this canned stuff to the food pantry, and give away the opened-but-still-useful stuff. Assuming anyone wants it, that is, which nobody does. I hate the waste that comes with moving.

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