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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

counting the days

I had a King family reading fest-- Under the Dome and Horns. Dome was not great, but far better than most of SK's recent stuff. Horns was even better than Heart Shaped Box. There are little bits in Dome where you can so tell that SK has had a corgi (one of the main characters has one). It's really funny, though you might have to have one to really appreciate it.

Bleh. I'm so bored, waiting around to hear whether anyone wants me to do anything for a month. I've put in with several temp agencies and volunteer inquiries to see if I can give these few weeks some shape. I'm not used to this.

I'm also kind of tired of feeling like those closest to me don't exactly respect my career choices. I consider myself fairly moderate (except when it comes to social issues), but that still puts me pretty far to the left of most of my family. Guess that's what happens when you actually listened when the nuns talked about the original dirty hippie. Anyway, I chose to study public health/ health policy and now I'm choosing to work for the feds in a pretty important, pretty big agency. Which is like, the antithesis of conservatism on the face of it. Public health is all about pragmatic liberalism. And wanting to work for the feds automatically makes me a pencil-pushing bureaucrat worthy of withering contempt. It kind of sucks when the congratulations are tempered with the suspicion that they think I'm an idiot.

Let's think about something happy now. Ducks?

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It's funny because I did have ducky minions once. They were so excited by crackers that they followed me around and even allowed me to pet them.

My ducks!

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