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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the good, the meh, and the pretty

Dendrobium atroviolaceum in bloom. Mom is not a fan-- she thinks the downward facing blossoms are weird.

dendrobium atroviolaceum

Good news: The WunderCorgi is apparently doing better.  It was the magic of my presence, I know.  Heh.

Meh news: You know how a wound initially heals really fast, then healing slows down as it nears the end? That's my eye. It's infinitely better than it was (in the way that sand in the eye is preferable to a hot poker to the eye), but I've got another two weeks of off vision, antibiotic eyedrops, and glasses. And the persistent feeling of something in my eye.

Bleh news: The "lily of the valley" votive that smelled so nice at Pat Catan's smells like scented toilet paper (remember that?) or cheap bathroom air freshener when lit. Uck. I do so dislike cheap candle fragrances.

The sunny days have me wishing I were growing a garden, but there's too much uncertainty to commit this year. I took it out on my orchids. They're really taking over my shower (go to Flickr to see what's what).

orchid collection today


Hp0 said...

we were at Costco the other day and they have orchids for sale. I thought of buying one but then I thought it would be sacriligious or something and I'd be in the Jackie dog house.

That and the fact that the cats would eat it.

The Constant Gardener said...

Aww, you would not!

Though it might be tricky to keep the kitties away if they're not used to plants.. or things that don't "belong" to them.