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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Break in the 'Burgh

Like last year, I went to the museum and Phipps for spring break. Wooo! Docents gone wild!

Yeah, I know, not so much. But I took a butload of pictures and drove my poor Flickr account to the point of a breakdown with all my uploading. God I love Flickr. What did I do without it? Anyway, for the five of you that read this, you can look at all of them on Flickr, but here are a few highlights.

At CMOA, Forum 64 featured a fractal-based installation by Cecil Balmond. A FRACTAL-based installation. You know how much I love fractal-inspired art.


looking out

Pretty cool stuff. For some reason, I really feel this Nauman piece.

Having Fun/Good Life/Symptoms detail

Of course, I visited the dinosaurs.


And the rest of the CMNH, though I didn't/ couldn't take too many pictures of that. Lots of kids on field trips, lots of display situations that my camera can't handle, proprietary exhibits. And then I popped by Phipps. The volunteer went out of his way to greet me (when you're a member, your status and name are printed on your tickets). He wanted to make sure that I knew what orchids were in bloom, that the Spring flower show starts Friday but the installation was wrapping up today and tomorrow, and did I know that the OSWP show at the garden center is the weekend after next? The students behind me were a little surprised at the in-depth welcome. Hey, membership has its privileges.

And there were plenty of orchids in bloom, held over from the orchid show.

cymbidium chanel no. 5

dendrobium  specio kingianum

noid paph 2

And I got a sneak peek at the spring flower show (opening Friday).

taste of spring

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