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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

quick hits

Why do I bother reading my horoscope, like, ever? It's not even amusing, because it's always downright negative. I got used to having really nasty horoscopes when an ex wrote them for the school paper, but I would hope that he's not writing the one that pops up on my Google home. Because that would be beyond creepy. But seriously, look at this--
Talk is cheap and others may grow weary of your promises today once they see you fall short of your target. You certainly mean well when you commit to your end of the deal, but you are now more willing than you are able to perform up to your own extreme expectations.


I lost my favorite necklace. More precisely, my apartment ate it. Before I get the "the cats must have gotten it," it wasn't in a place where the cats could get it. But now it's gone, and I've started tearing apart my apartment to try to find it (and the cell phone battery, the malachite and hematite earring I made, and my post card collection-- which have all disappeared in my apartment). I feel weird not wearing it. It's not "nice" jewelry (of which I really have none). It's just a carved aventurine rose (like the charm on this bracelet, but about an inch across and on a silver chain) that I can wear every day. I don't know why this is bothering me so much, but it is. Probably because I felt like it was my lucky piece or something.

The library is also irking me. There are several journals out there with an identical single-word name. The university does not have the volume with the article I need (they canceled their subscription three issues before the one I need), but they have one of the other journals with the same title. So their ILL kids are being lazy and rejecting my requests despite me explaining that I need the other journal, and if they had half a second they could see that the year and volume numbers don't match up with what I requested and what they're telling me.

And today I came to campus to help out with a Haiti-related service project and to meet with a professor. The service project was canceled at the last minute, and the professor had a family emergency. Argh.

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