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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy new year to my tiny cabal of readers!

It's officially really. freaking. cold. now. As with all older buildings, the heating is out of sync-- instead of being too hot as ususal, it's chilly now. I'm reluctant to leave my bed (It's nice and toasty, with jersey sheets and one down and one synthetic comforter). Some butter I left out to soften overnight was still hard on the counter this morning.

Everyone and everything is returning to the mundane. I hate the post-holiday let down so much. I can only imagine how the brats will feel, after becoming accustomed to having the human around so much. You'd think that having one another and being, well, cats, they'd be blase about my comings and goings. But instead of being inter-dependent, they're both apparently independently co-dependent on me. I'm oddly not looking forward to returning to school. There's so much stupid red tape from the school not removing certain holds, so I'm not officially registered yet. Which means I have to hurry up and try to get everything fixed and in place before Wednesday (because unlike CMU, where you had up to the third week of classes for add/ drop, it's only the first day here-- which sucks, because you're trapped). Good times.

Given the uptick in email from my abandoned dating account, I guess that the New Year (and possibly poor New Year's Eve celebrations? or those really annoying eharmony commercials?) has instilled a desperate need to attach. Hilarity ensues. As usual, I despair in the lack of basic reading comprehension and familiarity with the rules of standard written English. I explicitly state "I really don't care for anime." Of course, I receive the following message (in its entirety) "I see your into anime- me too We should chat" Le sigh.

My cacti continue to shrink into dormancy. It's still freaking me out. Speaking of things that elicit strong emotional responses, I've had the Dr. Who marathon on for most of the time that I've been in for the past two days, catching up on everything I've missed (which is practically everything, given that I watched my first full episode just three weeks ago), up to Ten's departure last night. Nothing like going from love at first sight to a completely heart-wrenching regeneration in three weeks. Jeebus.

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