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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cold comfort

Insomnia strikes again, despite not having any caffeine after 5. Grr.

I'm so glad that the bitter cold is accompanied by gorgeous snow. It was so pretty tonight, the flakes drifting exactly as if it were a slow-motion pillow fight scattering down everywhere. Pretty enough to distract me from my painful fingertips turning numb despite my mittens.

Unfortunately, I suspect that the Boy Mayor is scheming to save the city budget by scrimping on snow treatment. I ventured out to visit my grandmother (who remains in the hospital). Our very busy roads were greasy with snow and freezing slush, making for a most irritating trip down Murray. But the south hills? The roads were fine! A little wet, but that's all. Coming home, the roads in town had actually worsened, to the point where I was having trouble gaining traction to climb back up Murray. Good times!

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Jek-kah said...

Maybe you're one of those people that needs caffeine to sleep.