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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Starting the good-bye process

My last full year in Pittsburgh is coming to an end. Yes, you may insert the standard clarification that I'll-only-be-here-if-I-get-a-fantabulous-job-that's-worth-derailing-all-of-my-intentions-for-the-future-or-if-I-have-no-job here. But the fact still stands that my intentions are to get a position that will put my soon-to-be-completed masters to work, and that pretty much means time to move.

And it's probably time. Staying here so long wasn't my intention. It just happened that the best university (and the university I most wanted to attend) was all of three blocks from my high school. And I had fully intended to keep my old job while working on my masters, so I kept my search for programs close to home. It's been very convenient to live in a place that I know so very well, with family close by. But... it's time. I don't wish to cast aspersions on my hometown-- I don't tend to think that places are "better" or "worse" per se (just different). And I won't, because it's the greatest smaller city in the world, despite the entrenched political machine, crazy geography, and horrifying baseball team. And even though I've been told over and over that I don't sound like a Pittsburgher (primarily by non-natives that mean for it to be a compliment), I am a Pittsburgher at heart. But none of that "yinzer" shit, please-- "yinzer" will always be a pejorative term used by non-natives.

So.. how do you say good-bye to the only home you've ever known?


ArtGirl said...

yinzer is a perjorative term used by natives, too. or at least this native. :P


Jek-kah said...

You're not leaving.

That's how it goes in my world.