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Monday, November 23, 2009

Your failure today can fuel your journey to success tomorrow

My horoscope today says that I will fail abjectly, but it's okay because I might succeed tomorrow. Metaphorically speaking. Now I remember why I don't read my horoscope.

My impromptu bathroom redux is supposed to be finished by tonight. It involved rehabbing the exterior wall from the interior. Personal cost: a week and a half of constant phone calls, work people in my apartment daily, two injured orchids, various cleaning supplies appropriated by said workmen for the bathroom (like my pot scrubber?!), my kitchen and living areas covered with supplies and the removable contents of my bathroom, and almost a week of showers in a very chilly shower that has plastic sheeting in lieu of complete walls. And plaster dust EVERYWHERE. Ick.

Oh, and Pete has been living chez parents for almost a week. Les parents threaten to keep him because really, he is that lovable. It's depressing to realize that such a lovable lump came within a whisker of euthanasia. It's even more depressing that Zizi (who has weathered the construction in place as she refused to go) is such a selectively affectionate thing that she would most certainly not survive a shelter. Nobody but an idiot like myself would appreciate her personality. Or discover how madly affectionate she can be when the mood strikes. She is the embodiment of a one person cat. Hopefully I can reunite Pinky with the Brain again tonight.

School continues to march to its inexorable end as December approaches. Dear god, so much to do. It's really annoying how I keep having that nagging sensation of knowing less as I learn more. Will it ever stop? The pressure to find a job-- not just A job but THE job, THE job that justifies this going back to school thing-- also grows in the back of my mind with the sure steady growth of a waterfall of stress. In the midst of this all, I've had super odd bursts of creativity. Super. Odd. As in, I entered an entrepreneurial competition even though I have zero intention whatsoever of owning my own business ever because I have an excellent idea for a business. That kind of weird creativity. If only I could harness it into helping me finish my actual class work and fellowship applications.

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