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Thursday, April 9, 2009

heavy day

Today was a rather emotional day in Oakland, with a memorial service for three Pittsburgh officers killed on Saturday attended by thousands of police from all over the country and Canada. There were literally miles of vehicles lined up.


The whole thing was incredibly emotional, but the saddest part was when the hearses arrived. The families were riding in limos and charter buses and vans behind them. One of the vans had two children riding in the back, whom I presume were a niece and nephew of one of the officers. The little girl waved at all of the people who had gathered, while the little boy wore a police cap and saluted back at the saluting cops.

Like I said, a very heavy, very emotional day.

In less heavy news, my windowbox spinach sprouted. Hopefully it'll be warm enough to put it back outside again soon.

Don't eat the spinach!

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